Trident is the result of decades of expertise in manufacturing custom made support seating for chairs, booths, and stools, for clients in the casino industry. All products had to meet client demands for longevity, durability, and comfort. Trident is the only mattress manufacturer to deliver commercial quality to the retail market. Trident is the product of our proprietary knowledge and construction techniques in manufacturing high quality furniture for long duration usage; and even longer lasting quality.

The same detailed research and development, and precision manufacturing, goes into the creation of each Trident mattress. Trident represents the pinnacle of mattress sleep system technology delivered in an award-winning mattress. Until now, we have solely manufactured commercial quality beds strictly for hotels, and the hospitality industry. Trident is proud to bring you a quality mattress designed to eliminated back pain through corrective posture contour technology. You will enjoy a commercial quality mattress, delivered to your bedroom with personalised quality customer service specifically for your needs.

Trident delivers 1,000,000 hours of restful sleep.

At Trident, we promise you are going to sleep well every night on a Trident bed, for over 10,000 nights. With our patented Trident natural latex mattress core, you can enjoy 10,000 nights of freedom from back pain. 10,000 nights of alignment corrective sleep, 10,000 nights of improved posture, and even better pain-free days.

Trident natural latex mattress cores exceed every benchmark standard for alignment, duration, and longevity, to relieve and eliminate back pain. Conventional mass market mattress construction caters solely to the showroom display, ignoring spinal alignment, duration, and longevity. These are the three factors critical in delivering a great sleep day in, day out. Showroom testing only depicts contact softness, and lacking the other four critical factors, is akin to sleeping on a couch pillow; the lack of support and proper contour alignment caves your back every night, causing long term damage when your spine is unable to relax and repair the strain accumulated throughout the day.

A Trident natural latex mattress is the first patented mattress on the retail market dedicated to preventing and repairing the long term damage of repeated strain through corrective posture alignment; for you to live better starting tonight, and well into the future.

Your new life in luxury awaits.